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BTW Süßenbrunn West BF 02 – 1st prize

BTW Süßenbrunn West BF 02 - 1st prize

July 2022

Yuppidu! The trend is your friend… 🙂

Together with our esteemed colleagues from “Nerma Linsberger ZT Gmbh” & “EGKK Landschaftsarchitektur” we have achieved the 1st place in the 2-stage competition “Süßenbrunn West” on processing field 02!

Here is an excerpt from the jury protocol: “The quality of the urban design concept is particularly appreciated, as a skilful staggering of the heights of individual buildings takes in visual axes and creates a lively neighborhood silhouette.”

We are looking forward to realizing a valuable contribution to a lively quarter for our client “Wien Süd” with 226 high-quality apartments.