Clemens Kirsch Architektur

Kindergarten Altach

Three buildings are placed around a common center on the competition site: The kindergarten and two residential buildings form a coherent ensemble that sets a striking point of identification within the heterogeneous surroundings, but at the same time fits well into the grain of the local fabric.

The two 3-story residential buildings are positioned north and south of the kindergarten and thus frame the common center, which with the integrated children’s playgrounds as an informal meeting place also marks the entrance for the kindergarten.

The kindergarten develops around a “marketplace” (dining and play area)with double storey height as an onion-shaped structure:

The “communication-promoting heart” of the building is encompassed by the access zone, which allows for casual “walking around”. Adjacent to this is a room zone with serving rooms (WC, changing and storage rooms), which serves as a buffer layer for the actual recreation rooms (group rooms, alternative rooms).

All group rooms are oriented in 2 cardinal directions and open to the surrounding garden via a covered outdoor terrace (weather-protected filter layer). The upper floor sensibly accommodates the movement rooms and the rest areas, which in turn are surrounded by a multifunctional roof terrace.


open competition, 2 phase


Altach, AT


Community of Altach



Effective floor area

approx. 3.100m²


app. 5,9 Mio Euro


Clemens Kirsch, Nina Millet, Werner Scheuringer, Eda Akyürek


Martin Stocker


Figure ground plan
Ground floor
1st floor

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