Clemens Kirsch Architektur

AHS 1030

The deliberately compact, 4-storey building with two cut-away atriums forms an address at the intersection of Landstraßer Hauptstraße and Otto-Preminger-Straße. Set slightly back from the latter at the access level, a partially covered forecourt / inviting meeting place is created that leads to the main entrance.

The clear setting of the compact plinth structure conveys identity.  The light-looking “school crown” storey above, covered with sheds, loosens up and structures the “5th façade”. It gives the AHS an unmistakable, attractive character in this heterogeneous urban corner situation.

The differentiated heights between the rising streets and the neighbourhood behind them are also reflected in the interior of the building. The central, spatially effective element is the cascade staircase running through all levels. Seating steps on level 00 and a spacious interior atrium with fully glazed sheds in the area above the staircase create a pleasant, light and airy atmosphere. A consistent quality of stay is thus ensured across all floors.

Gymnasiums and cloakrooms act as an excellent sound buffer to the noisy Landstraßer Hauptstraße. Departments, administration and teachers’ work areas can thus be oriented towards the quiet garden side.

The top end is formed by an attached school crown with all classrooms (clusters) and the two home bases on one level. Noise-reduced, this “flying classroom” offers optimal light and all-round views of the neighbourhood and the wider surroundings. All areas are grouped inside around the two incised atriums. The continuous sheds of the school’s crown ensure optimal lighting of the interior spaces over the entire depth.


EU-wide open competition


1030 Vienna, AT





Effective floor area

ca. 11.400 m²


Clemens Kirsch, Sarah Raiger, Werner Scheuringer, Haiyeon Kim




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Ground Floor Plan
1st Floor Plan
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Section / Elevation
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